Dr Graeme Barker

dsc_0010Graeme was brought up and attended school in Kirkcaldy before completing an MChem degree at the University of St Andrews, graduating in 2007. He then moved to the University of York to do a PhD with Prof. Peter O’Brien, investigating new methodologies for the substitution of nitrogen heterocycles using organolithium complexes. In 2011, Graeme then moved to a PDRA position at the University of Sheffield under the supervision of Prof. Iain Coldham, investigating the synthesis and use of novel configurationally stable alpha-nitrile organomagnesium species. Having spent several years in group 1 and 2 organometallic research, in 2013 he moved to another PDRA position at Heriot-Watt University to work on gold(I) catalysis under the supervision of Dr. Ai-Lan Lee. Graeme was appointed to his current position as assistant professor in 2016. In addition to research and teaching, Graeme sits on the Royal Society of Chemistry Early Careers Network committee and Scottish Steering Group. In his spare time Graeme enjoys hillwalking, amateur biocatalysis in the form of homebrewing, and running for the giants of the Scottish sporting scene, Fife Athletic Club.

Recent Talks

  • September 2017: “Chalk and Talk” Presentation, Gregynog Synthesis Workshop, “Gold(I)-Catalysed Protodeboronations”
  • January 2017: Postgraduate Chemistry Careers Symposium, Heriot-Watt University, “Building a Career in Academia: The Amateur’s Guide”
  • January 2016: 44th Scottish Regional Meeting of the Royal Society of Chemistry Organic Division, University of Aberdeen, “Chirality Transfer in Gold(I)-Catalysed Allylic Etherifications: A Route to Enantioenriched Allylic Ethers”
  • September 2015: “Chalk and Talk” Presentation, Gregynog Synthesis Workshop, “Chirality Transfer in Gold(I)-Catalysed Allylic Etherifications”
  • November 2011: Afternoon Symposium, University of Antwerp, “New Lithiation Methodologies to 2-Substituted Nitrogen Heterocycles”
  • July 2011: Invited Presentation, MSD Hoddesdon, “New Lithiation Methodologies to 2-Substituted Nitrogen Heterocycles”
  • September 2010: RSC Heterocyclic and Synthesis Group Postgraduate Symposium, Jealott’s Hill International Reseach Centre, “Enantioselective Arylation  of N-Boc Pyrrolidine and Diamine-Free α-Lithiation of Nitrogen Heterocycles”

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