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The Group, October 2017

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Current Group Members


Jeff Wong

Jeff obtained his MChem at the University of York, undertaking his final year project under the supervision of Prof. Peter O’Brien and Dr Thomas Farmer developing methodologies for obtaining lead-like nitrogen heterocycles from the renewable starting material 2-MeTHF. Jeff then joined the Barker group in 2017 as a PhD student working on enantioselective lithiations of alkyltetrazoles and alkylpyrazoles.


Urszula Luchowska

Urszula graduated with an MPharm degree from the University of Warsaw in 2017, and subsequently started a PhD at Heriot-Watt University with Dr Stephen Yarwood and Dr Graeme Barker. Her project is focused on identifying and studying small molecule agonists and antagonists of EPAC1 to develop potential therapeutic strategies for cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. In her spare time, Urszula enjoys reading, coffee and sailing.


Emma Donald

Originally from Wigan, Emma joins us for a final year MChem project. Emma’s work involved the development of novel chiral frustrated Lewis pair catalysts.


Benjamin Trowse

Ben comes from Aberdeenshire, and joins the group for a final year MChem project working on novel enantioselective metalation-substitutions of benzyltetrazoles.

Former Group Members

2017: Padraic Whelan – undergraduate summer project student